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FTP Instructions
Instructions for using Anonymous FTP with a browser.

Note: This will not work for some versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, in which case see Instructions using an FTP program.

1. In your browser, enter "" 
2. To upload a file, click on "File" and choose "Upload File" or if the file is on your desktop or in  an open folder, simply drag it onto the browser. 

Instructions for using Anonymous FTP with an FTP program.

1. Enter any profile name. 
2. Under Host Name/Address enter "" 
3. Host Type should be "automatic detect" 
4. User ID should be "anonymous" 
5. Under Password, enter your email address. 
6. Remote Directory should be "customers"
7. Click OK to connect. 
8. Drag the file you want to upload onto the "Remote System" window, and the file will appear in the window.

Disclaimer: Using Public FTP You should be aware that your files can accessible by the third side. Tri-Technologies is not responsible for any loss or damages may  resulted from using Public FTP on our Web Site. If you want to have your own directory protected by your password, please, contact Customer Service Department.

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